What we do is simple.
We work with organisations like yours to create really good, productive & energy-giving teams.

Creating a permanent shift in the way you work.

Imagine the difference a 10% increase in productivity, energy, enjoyment and connection would mean for the people in your team?

We have worked with over ninety teams to create a permanent shift in the way they work. Both how individuals within a team work together, and how that teams connects with other teams.

We do it all online.

And it takes hours not weeks.

Where are you, and where would you like to be?

We don’t do retreats

We don’t take you into the woods

We don’t bring in consultants

We don’t charge by the hour

You don’t have to build a raft or talk about your mother

You won’t eat locusts

We’re pretty done with PowerPoints

You don’t need to commit to a six month journey

You’ll never do a downward facing dog

They’re all great, but we don’t do that.

Business, life and family is already complicated enough. This is simple and only five steps.

  1. Simply answer some wonderfully (and cleverly) crafted questions

  2. We will spend a couple of hours explaining what the answers

  3. We’ll make some suggestions and give some examples

  4. Send you on your way to practice

  5. Be available to answer any questions

 “They survey quickly revealed the undercurrents that were impacting our team on a daily basis. We were able to focus our energy on making these visible and fixing them as a team. I am a very satisfied team leader!”

Jet van Ginhoven – Teamleider ETZ

“The assessment and especailly the feedback session proved to be an amazing, fast and, effective kick off intervention that released the energy in this team. It was pure systemic acupuncture. Wonderful”

Noemí Viedma Ponce, Systemic Focus

About Us

Jan Jacob Stam, Managing Partner

Jan Jacob has been passionate about systemic work with organisations since 1996. As a biologist, manager, consultant, founder of several companies and now TeamConnect it is his curiosity that drives him.

“My pattern is to dive into phenomena that I don’t really like. I want to understand. I want to feel how they work with my mind and my heart.I am especially curious about living systems need in order to do what they are meant to do.

If I find new insights about how teams function after a seminar or working with a team, it gives me energy and I have a fantastic day!”

Dees van de Hoef, Managing Partner

Dees van de Hoef wants to get the best out of people and teams. Her motto is “it ís possible”.

Once trained as an HR manager and an environmental expert, she worked for a number of years at various companies in various positions until she found the place where she stands today – as a self-employed person.

She has gained her broad work experience in (interim) project management, HR management, managerial positions for multiple teams, policy advice and as a trainer, flight instructor and especially through her Pipi Longstocking mindset “I have never done it before, so I think I can “. She has now co-founded TeamConnect, with Jan Jacob Stam.

She likes to color outside the lines, with humor, and is always respectful.


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Stedelijk College Eindhoven

We staan voor een nieuwe manier van samenwerken. Er is lang een bepaalde manier van aansturen geweest. Met de komst van een nieuwe directeur is dat anders geworden. Teamleden hebben het oude vertrouwde los te laten, meer pro-actief te zijn, zelf meer na te denken en met voorstellen te komen.

Lentis DT

Hoe kunnen we als directieteam 1 geheel vormen. Een geheel dat niet terugvalt in patronen die vorige directeuren de kop hebben gekost. Hoe kunnen we als geheel succesvol functioneren zonder te fragmenteren (of ieder op ons eigen eilandje te gaan werken)?